★Wi-Fi construction completed in all rooms
★To make a reservation for the GoTo Travel Campaign, please obtain a coupon from the campaign banner link in the middle and use it.
★From the viewpoint of infection prevention, even if you apply for multiple rooms, the maximum number of people per group is 6 people.
Enjoy carefully and carefully prepared meals for guests with only 9 rooms every day.


Exciting volume, Funamori is a leading role in just “Izu Dishes”

Mt Fuji views on the other side of the Suruga Bay, quiet and rustic hot spring resort Yagisawa Onsen Surrounded by rich nature, you can hardly hear anything except the sound of waves at night.
Yagisawaso is a small restaurant located by the sea on the outskirts of Yagisawa Onsen.

The local family management and the host stand in the kitchen, so that passion is directly alive in cooking.
We will do our best to maximize the freshness of Izu exciting volume, seafood directly from the fishing grounds, and fresh local vegetables.

If you want to eat "Izu Dishes" calmly and relaxedly, please come and play casually.

now is the time! Shizuoka! A healthy trip!  Reservation until July 29

  • Shizuoka Genki Journey will be temporarily suspended with reservations made by July 29th.

    ★★Please be sure to show your purchased coupon at check-in★★
    【Campaign content】
    Discount up to 5,000 yen for accommodation and day trips in Shizuoka Prefecture!
    In addition, it comes with a coupon of up to 2,000 yen that can be used at tourist facilities and souvenir shops in the prefecture!
    【Target audience】Only for those who live in Shizuoka prefecture(Limited to a small number of people living alone or living together)
    【Accommodation period】From Monday, July 12th to Tuesday, August 31st
    【How to use the campaign】
    You can use the travel voucher purchased at the time of payment at the accommodation site.
    *Please note that when making a reservation on the reservation site, "Advance card approval reservation cannot be used for this campaign".

Private car rate 98%...Nishiizu nature and play early summer to Izu

  • Fresh green x coastline drive-Beautiful season with budding life

    My car rate is 98%! Nishiizu Izu trip to play with nature
    The cherry blossom season has come to an end, and the cherry blossom season has changed to a beautiful fresh green season.
    Nishiizu lot of nature remains in the Nishiizu area, and although it has been certified as a "World Geopark", there are no stations for that, and most customers go out by car.
    There are various routes to come to Nishiizu
    Izu Peninsula round route to tour the southern Izu from Higashi-izu
    Nishiizu Skyline Route that runs on the road in the sky
    After all I like the sea! Coastline route from Numazu
    You can enjoy the beauty of nature on any route ...We look forward to welcoming you.

Efforts to prevent the spread of virus infection

  • For a safe and secure stay ...Responses from facilities and requests to customers

    【Facility response】
    ・Thorough management of employee physical condition,Thorough wearing a mask,Thoroughly gargle hand washing
    ・Thoroughly disinfect the bathroom and common areas inside the facility
    ・Installation of disinfectants throughout the facility
    ・Thorough ventilation at any time
    ・Disposable slippers,Preparation of individually wrapped amenities
    ・Distributing one disinfection sheet per adult
    【Request to customers】
    ・Please be careful about your physical condition on the day of departure.
    ・Please wear a mask when visiting the museum.
    ・Please cooperate in disinfecting your fingers and measuring the temperature when you enter the museum.

1,000 yen off per person until July 16th◆Corona infection countermeasure strengthening plan◆

  • We will secure a distance that you do not mind even in the restaurant information

    We are seriously working on basic infection prevention such as disinfection and ventilation in this facility.
    Furthermore, 5 out of 9 rooms will be guided by basic room meals.
    The other 4 rooms are also guided at the restaurant, but we will guide you with a sufficient distance after preparing the tsuitate.

    With Golden Week in between, domestic travel will enter the off-season.
    Especially on weekdays, the Nishiizu area is really quiet.
    Please spend a relaxing time while ensuring safety.

    ★With the sale of the 1000 yen off plan, we are also reducing the price of the plan

Room food x Private open-air bath protects your private

  • Three types of free use whenever you like"Private Open Air Bath"

    Due to the influence of coronavirus, customers have been receiving many inquiries about meals and hot springs.

    Yagisawaso, in addition to the large public baths for men and women, we also have three types of private open-air baths, "Oiwa/Taru/Hinoki."Each room has plenty of space and a washing area, so you can be satisfied without using the large public bath.

    In addition, there are 5 rooms for meals.There are 4 rooms for restaurants.The information at the restaurant also has a small number of rooms, so you can enjoy a meal without worrying about other guests.

This dish・・・

  • 【Steamed Japanese Spiny lobster on a ceramic pan】

    A specialty dish that has been loved by customers for many years at Yagisawaso. "Steamed Japanese Spiny lobster on a ceramic pan"
    The difference from ordinary pottery is that it is steamed in a custom-made large glass dome without escaping moisture, so that it does not stick to the shell and is finished in a crisp.
    Part of miso to simmering without compromising the flavor.
    When you peel yourself off with chopsticks, you can enjoy the sweetness and scent of candy that spreads through your mouth.

GoTo Travel Campaign Information

  • Our inn is subject to the GoTo Travel Campaign → Get coupon

    ★All plan are available at our hotel★
    After making a plan reservation with local payment, be sure to go to the STAYNAVI service (external website) from this link and perform the accommodation discount procedure for the GoTo Travel campaign.After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.

    *Advance card payment is not available.
    *Be sure to print or take the discount coupon before you bring it.
    *Please note that reservations from other websites such as Jalan Net and Rakuten Travel are not eligible for coupons.


Google Map

Hotel Name



1363-1 Yagisawa, Izu City

Telephone number



90 minutes from Tomei Numazu IC on National Route 136 Izu
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Accommodation Features・Facility

  • ■, Counter / Lobby

    Check in here.
    Information on nearby facilities, discount vouchers and drink vending machines are also available.
  • ■, Lounge

    After arrival, please relax in this lounge.
  • ■, Yukata for female customers

    For female customers, various yukatas can be rented free of charge in addition to the yukatas provided in the rooms. We offer men's Samue for men, so you can relax in your favorite style.
To this facility / facility page

Mt Fuji from Yagisawa Onsen

  • Mt Fuji from Yagisawa Onsen

    Izu West Coast with many scenic spots of Mt Fuji.
    One of them is Yagisawa Onsen.
    Yagisawaso the front of Yagisawaso, you can see various Mt Fuji in each season.
    Mt Fuji rooms have a view of Mt Fuji, so please inquire and make a reservation directly by phone.

Nearby sightseeing information

  • 【Toi Gold Mine, 3 minutes by car from our inn】

    Toi Gold Mine is the largest Kanayama in Izu that boasted the second largest golden era in the Edo era from the Meiji era to the Showa era in the Edo era and the second largest golden era after Sado Gold Mine mine.Estimated output is 40t gold and 400t silver. Kanayama was closed in 1965, but after that it was reborn as a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy sightseeing tunnels and gold dust gathering as a power spot for Toi. The 250kg giant gold bullion on display at the Golden Hall is also certified by Guinness and the world's best gold bullion is open to the public.

    admission fee (Sightseeing Tunnel & Koganekan Common Ticket)
    ●Reception time, From 9:00 to 16:30
    ●Visiting time, About 30 minutes
    Adult 1,000 yen 900 yen
    Child 500 yen 450 yen
  • 【Lover’s Cape, 8 minutes by car from our hotel】

    Superb view location overlooking Suruga Bay and Mt Fuji.
    If you make the bell at the tip of the cape together, the bond will be eternal・・・Under the legend, about 120,000 couples visit each year.

    The Lover’s Cape there is a Gold Bell of commemoration in partnership Guam Two Lovers Point and sisters.
    Guam has a Silver Bell.
    You can also have a wedding ceremony at the tip of Lover’s Cape.
    Why don't you give a wedding at Lover’s Cape as a new starting point for them?
  • 【Kanezaki Koganezaki Crystal Park, 20 minutes by car from our inn】

    In addition to permanent exhibits of world-class contemporary glass works, you can also enjoy various kaleidoscopes at "Miracle Crystal World".

    Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
    (Restaurant 9: 00 ~ 16: 30) *Museum admission until 16:30
    *Reception of the trial workshop is until 16:00 (However,, Limited content)
    *Restaurant reception until 16:00
    *There is a charge for the museum / experience workshop


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.